Mission & Vision

Our Vision:
Maharashtra Vruksha Samvardhini was established to achieve excellence in the field of “Tree World” and allied subject in the state of Maharashtra in general and the city and corridor of Pune. This institution was founded in 1989 by Environmentalists and Nature lovers, and as such, this institution seeks to protect and conserve nature at every possible level. In addition, it seeks to promote awareness about bio-diversity, nature conservation and environment among people to reduce exploitation of natural resources and to reduce degeneration of natural eco-systems.

Our Mission:
Our mission is to make the Earth green, colorful & beautiful by planting trees and other flora and to act fast because it is already late.
We realized that the green vegetation of our Earth is being denuded rapidly and visualize at this evil tide to be stopped and that is how Maharashtra Vriksha Samvardhini was established.
To increase the indigenous tree cover of Masharashtra and Pune by planting, fostering and protecting the trees of vast variety at a faster speed to recoup the lost forest cover and to restore ecological balance and bio-diversity by protecting flora and fauna in the entire eco system.

To achieve our mission we have focused our whole efforts and activities of mass public awareness, follow up with Government agencies for stricter forest laws and its implementation and encouraging mass participation in various ecological programs and sustained efforts towards growth of tree cover.