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Sacred Groves Of India – Dr.Hema Somanathan | India Video Ecologist Hema Somanathan talks about the cultural and ecological thinking behind the traditional sacred groves of Maharashtra and Kerala
Jayant Sarnaik A film on Sacred Groves conservation through people’s participation in the Northern Western Ghats by Applied Environmental Research Foundation(AERF), Pune, India
Published on Nov 8, 2012 Sacred groves – a social, cultural and ecological wonder of Kerala, more aptly called the ‘Gardens of the Gods’. A promotional movie on the sacred groves of Kerala by Kerala Tourism
Published on Nov 3, 2014 Le français est disponible par le biais des sous-titres (CC). | Está disponible en Español a través de subtítulos (CC).
Published on Nov 1, 2012/td> With Sebastian Pole, Herbal Director and co-founder, Pukka Herbs
A film by TERI Yogesh Gokhale/td> We try to plant trees. We try not to cut them yet we need them for construction, furniture and much else. Will it help if we start worshipping them and actually believe in that prayer? Perhaps. In some regions in India, protecting forests is a part of people’s tradition, culture and religion- a sight of what some of these forests look like.
) Published on Jun 24, 2014 by Teri/td> India’s North East has a rich heritage of sacred natural sites that have been preserved for generations because of the faith of local communities. Today, science is recognizing these sites as rare hubs of biodiversity. The film captures the beautiful traditions of the Khasis of Meghalaya, the Meiteis of Manipur and the Vaishnav monasteries of Assam. It brings to fore, the ancient and increasingly fragile link between human cultures and biodiversity.
) Uploaded on May 13, 2010 by TERI The film captures the ancient tradition of sacred groves in India. Nearly 1,50,000 sacred forests dot the Indian landscape. Revered by local communities for generations together, the sacred groves have been protected by sheer faith. Home to many rare and endangered plant and animal species, these virgin forests are rich reservoirs of biodiversity. Shot in the Western Ghat ranges near Pune in Maharashtra and Coorg in Karnataka, Forests of Reverence, is the story of two native communities, who have withstood the forces of the modern world to protect their faith and forest
)Published on Jan 20, 2015 CEPRE A video on Sacred Groves
)Published on Jul 24, 2015 AP Television
Alleppey District, Kerala, India, Recent, 2010
Mid of snake idols
Uploaded on Aug 7, 2011 Today we honor trees and forests of the world. From the Osogbo Sacred Grove in Nigeria, to thousands of woodlands in India, each associated with a Hindu god, across the world’s cultures, forests have been special places for communing with the spiritual realm. The world’s mythologies and ancient spiritual beliefs have indicated that forests are living temples-ideal for conducting rituals as well as taking refuge.
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Published on Jun 28, 2013 On the way to the village of Nongriat and the living root bridges in Northeast India. This wire bridge crosses over a very beautiful area in a massive riverbed known to the local villagers as a “sacred grove” where it is believed the jungle spirits reside. The locals do not forage, build, or otherwise trespass (other than over this bridge) in this area, to give respect to the jungle spirits.
As you can tell by the sound of my voice – I was just a little freaked out about my footing and the fact that I wasn’t holding onto the railing.