Other Programs

You can join MVS by participating following activities conducted by MVS

  • A lecture by expert speaker in the field of tree and ecology on every third Monday of every month. Till today over 260 lectures successfully organised

  • Mission Devarai’, a program rigorously undertaken by the organisation to exclusively focus on the various ecological aspects of ‘scared grove’. Extensive touring for the all round study of various scared groves and various measure to protect the same, Publishing articles/books and filming the sacred grove in different seasons of the year, examining its uniqueness in the area of water, soil, air and biodiversity.

  • Seed collection and its sowing on grass land, hills forest area, gardens, river side etc to mark the happy educational picnic called ‘Bijostav’ in early months of rainy season.

  • Seedball Workshop -It is activity of preparing seedballs of various deshi seeds.These
    seedballs can be dispersed in nature which leads to gennerates new plants from seeds in seedball.This activity
    can be arranged in school,college or any type of group.

  • Organising workshops on land and Terrace Gardening after every six month.

  • Conducting Research on various aspects of eco sensitive nature of Sacred Grove and its uniqueness in the area of Bio-diversity and related aspects.

  • Follow up with Government and other Institutions, for stricter forest protecting laws, its implementation to cater to the participatory public attitude.

  • To conduct educational program for collect school students on the various subjects of tree science and bio-diversity. Identification various trees of Gardens of Pune Municipal Corporation and attaching Name tag for information of general public to create awareness.

  • Tree Introduction program in various Gardens on hills surrounding Pune for awareness and mass education.

  • Exhibition of rocks, precious stones, Medicinal Plants and its ecological importance.

  • Active help in various Administrative/Legal/Accounts/ technical work.

  • Arrange donations through various methods

  • Any other way by which the objects of the Organization will be fulfilled